Family Vacation Ideas. Have Fun in Belarus!

Belarus offers a great variety of things to do with children. However not only the children will be pleased, but their parents also. Check out our list and say which type of activities do you choose? All at once are permitted!

Outdoor activities.

Recreation bases of Silichy, Raubichi and Logoisk possess all necessary infrastructure to comply with the wishes of all family members. Choose what you like: skating, skiing, snowboarding and enjoy snowy adventures! If you are a heat-loving family which prefers to travel in frost-free seasons, decide in favor of paintball, hiking and cycling.

Cultural activities.

Being in Minsk try to snatch an opportunity and visit Belarusian circus. Discover magnificent art of the circus at water, ice and shows with animals! If theatre is your cup of tea, opt for Young Spectator Theatre (for Russian-speakers only) or Belarusian State Puppet Theatre.

Educational activities.

It’s never too late to learn. To be more exact there are no inappropriate situations to learn. Visit children’s museums in Belarus. Neither children nor adults will stay indifferent! Make an amazing journey to the world of curious facts and unexpected discoveries in Children’s Museum in Polotsk. Explore real forest wildlife and the world of spirits of a mystery land in Children’s Museum of Myths and Forests in Zaslavl. And find out more about ocean dwellers in Oceanography centre in Minsk.  

Sightseeing activities.

Take a bus tour of Minsk and learn the most exciting attractions of the city in 2 hours. Audio guide in 7 languages is included. And, by the way, for children under 6 the service is absolutely free.

Nature activities.

Discover the wonders of Belarusian nature in Bielavezhskaya Pushcha. There you can see a European bison in his natural surroundings, visit the Museum of Nature, take a walk on bicycles about the park and !special attention! visit the country house of Ded Moroz and the manufactory of Matuchka-Zima.

Special offers:

  • enjoy the city of Minsk from the bird's eye panorama in a Ferris wheel gondola (location: Maksim Gorky Central Children’s Park in Minsk);
  • surprise at the animals of the Belarusian fauna in zoos (location: Minsk, Hrodna and Gomel zoos);
  • take a trip full of funny adventures by Children’s Railway (location: Minsk; time: from May to August);
  • have fun in amusement park of Dreamland (location: Minsk; time: good weather conditions).

We hope our ideas will help you have fun and enjoy your family vacation in Belarus.

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