Ambassadors Of The EU Countries Give An Advice To a Foreign Tourist

In two days Belarus, one of the least visited countries in Europe, will open visa-free entry to travelers from 80 states, including EU, the USA and Canada. Embassies of Germany, France, Italy, Poland and the UK in Belarus recommend must-visit places in our country for a tourist. 

German Embassy recommends visiting Khatyn, Polotsk and Grodno: "Each tourist from Germany should definitely visit the memorial complex "Khatyn", which is a part of a very dark, but our common history, and it's common memory location, - says German Ambassador in Belarus Peter Dettmar, - also, any tourist should visit Grodno and Polotsk with their rich cultural heritage. Nature lovers should visit the Bialowieza Forest - the oldest nature reserve in Europe. In the tourist route also should be included Mir and Nesvizh - parts of the UNESCO World heritage".

Stefano Bianchi, Italian Ambassador in Belarus, recommends to visit Brest and Brest region - namely, the Museum-Estate "Pruzhanskі palatsyk" in the Italian style, Sapieha Palace in Ruzhany and Kamenetz Vezha. Press Attaché of the Embassy of Poland Martin Wojciechowski offers to visit Mir, Novogrudok and Nesvizh with castles and museums.

Consul of the Embassy of France Karin Bordier advises tourists to visit three Belarusian cities: Vitebsk, Brest and Grodno. Vitebsk is the city where Mark Shagal and Kazimir Malevich ived and worked. Grodno is the city with its own architecture and Brest it's the place where there is a lamplighter, who every day lightes and extinguishes the lights.

British Ambassador Fionn Gibb advises Brest and Brest Fortress as meaningful objects for the Belarusian history. Bialowieza Forest diplomat describes as "incredible place" which everyone should definitely visit. Fiona Gibb also advices Nesvizh with its castle and legends.

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