Transportation in Belarus

Getting to Belarus

Belarus is a European country, situated between North and South, East and West, what means it lies at the crossroads of main communication lines. It’s easy to get to Belarus by:

Air. Minsk National Airport is the main air gateway to Belarus and is situated 30 km from the capital. Flights are carried out at more than 35 international destinations to the Western Europe, the Near East and other regions. You can easily get to the airport or from the airport to the city by public transport or taxi as well as rent a car.

The National Airline is Belavia, a modern, rapidly growing company that meets requirements of its passengers. It offers daily flights to major European cities: Moscow, Kiev, Warsaw, Riga, London, Rome, Frankfurt, Vienna, Paris. It’s also possible to get to Belarus by Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, El Al, Etihad Airways, Aeroflot, airBaltic.

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Road. Belarus possess an extensive road network. The main roads in the country are:

  • М1/Е30 Brest – Minsk – the Russian border motorway;
  • M2 Minsk – the National Airport Minsk;
  • M3 Minsk – Vitebsk;
  • M4 Minsk – Mogilev;
  • M5 Minsk – Gomel.
  • M6 Minsk – Grodno.

Passage along major roads in Belarus is chargeable. Here you can learn more about the national system of toll roads BelToll.

For more detailed information about driving rules in Belarus go here (ссылка на Belarus 101).

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Railway. It’s no problem to get to Belarus by rail almost from any major European city. Belarus is crossed by an international rail line connecting Berlin and Warsaw to Moscow. Other important lines are the Minsk-Gomel (to Kiev), the Orsha-Vitebsk (to Saint Petersburg), the Minsk-Vilnius and others. The main passenger rail terminal in Belarus is Minsk Passazhirsky, or Minsk Passenger Station, or simply Minsk. This modern railway station is one of the largest in Europe.

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Transport in Belarus

Public Transport. Public transport infrastructure is quite developed in Belarus, especially in cities and towns. In major cities buses, trolleybuses, trams can get you to any place. In Minsk it’s convenient to get about by 2-line metro o City Line trains if you’d like to get uptown. What’s more, public transport is rather cheap (3 one-use tickets for US$ 1 to travel around a city). Getting to any place of Belarus is possible using buses, private shuttles or Belarusian Railway trains. Business-class Regional Lines are especially comfortable, but are limited in extension.

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Taxi. Taxis are available in all cities and towns of Belarus. The easiest way to take a taxi is to call for one. Payment is available in cash or by credit card with some providers. For more information on taxi providers and phone numbers go to

Car hiring. The service of car hiring is also available in Belarus, mainly in large cities. The best way to do that is via Internet. Both international web sites, specialized in car hiring, or the Belarusian ones can be used.

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Travel Safety

Belarus is a very safe place for travellers. Belarusian people are considered tolerant as far as racial, ethnic and religious differences are concerned, and there's a very low crime rate in the country.

Driving in Belarus

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