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Mogilev. The capital of the country once, now the city of Mogilev is the third largest settlement in Belarus. Of great historical and cultural interest for tourists can be the late 17th-century town hall. A symbol of the city and one of the best pieces of civil architecture, Mogilev City Hall sustained serious damages during the wars, but at last was restored and now is the city’s must-see. Other important landmarks of Mogilev are the six-pillared St. Stanislaw's Cathedral, built in the Baroque style, and the convent of St. Nicholas.

Buynichy. Buynichy Field Memorial Complex, located to the south-east from Mogilev, honours the defenders of Mogilev in the years of the Great Patriotic War. The elements of the memorial: its chapel, the walkways and the Lake of Tears – are highly symbolic and will leave nobody cold to the heroism of the soldiers.

Bobruysk. One of the oldest cities in Belarus, Bobruysk can become a fascinating city break. The ruins of The Bobruysk Fortress, one of the best surviving examples of fortification architecture and design of the first half of the 19th century, will definitely attract tourists. Another interesting place to explore is the old library building of Bobruysk, as well as multiple synagogues and Jewish buildings, St. Peter and Paul Church and some other religious buildings.

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Mozyr. The Land of Wooden Castles

Mozyr is a city in Gomel Region of Belarus on the Pripyat River. Mozyr is known as a center of oil refining, machine building, and food processing in Belarus. It is home to one of the largest oil refineries in Belarus, pumping out 18 million metric tons per year!

Popular Things to Do

Whatever the season is, whatever the time, be you on your own, at your family’s side or with a party of friends, Belarus has a never-ending wealth of options to do and see.

Lida. Visiting a Fairytale

The name Lida is derived from the name of the river Lidzeya. Its origin is associated with the Lithuanian appellative Lyda - Lydimas, meaning to fuse, to cast (denoting forest clearing). As Lida is quite a small town, there are only 2 hotels in it. It may be better to stay in a hotel in Grodno and visit the town and castle from there.