Unobvious Attractions In Belarus For Those, Who Have Already Seen Everything!

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Belarus has its mountains, its islands, its treasures. Of course, some of this will be distorted, but still valuable and interesting. We will try to tell you about the places which are hidden from our eyes.

1. Slagheaps near Soligorsk.

Картинки по запросу солигорск терриконы

One of the most unusual places in our country. The piles are located near Soligorsk, but the landscape is very similar to Mars. Slagheaps (salt dump) – is a mixture of clay, gypsum and rock salt. These wastes can be called Belarusian attraction, which’s made by Soligorsk "Belaruskali". There are more than 500 thousand tons of slagheaps near Soligorsk, and they are placed on the 10 square kilometers. The height of the piles is about 120 meters. At the distance slagheaps look like real mountains! Unfortunately, Belarusian attraction – it’s just an industrial waste, so you can not see slagheaps at close distance. The heaps are surrounded by moats with salt water and have clay bottom. However, you can admire the alien’s beauty at the distance.

Location: Soligorsk district, Minsk region, villages Chepeli, Pivashi, Chizhevichi.

2. The house of Masons in Minsk.

This house was built in 1817 in the Upper Town in Minsk. A lot of rumors were saying that the house was built by order of masons lodge "Red Torch". But evidence has never been found. Only in 1922, when the building had to be restored, it was noticed that the house was built in the form of the Masonic cross and the windows were tricked (they were bricked up inside, because it was necessary for secret meetings). Now the house of Masons is The Museum of Theatrical and Musical Culture of Belarus.

Location: Minsk, Musical lane, 5.

3. Dukora inverted house. 

"The house of Ellie" is set at an unusual angle: a sense of balance of the human, who will go there, will be momentarily disturbed. Therefore, attraction - is not only fun, but also a test for the organism. The house is flipped upside down - the furniture is installed on the ceiling. This unusual attraction is located in a place that once belonged to famous Belarusian culture and art figures, so there is also a museum, the art street and the beautiful park.

Location: Minsk region, Pukhovichi district, Dukora, School str., 3.


4. Turov meadow.

This reserve was established to protect migratory birds (they stop to rest during seasonal migrations in the area). And there are a lot of birds - hundreds of thousands. When the Pripyat river overflows, the meadow turns into a network of islands with bird colonies. Here you can find several species of rare birds, which are listed as endangered.

Location: Gomel region, Zhitkovischi district, Turov.

5. Museum of art treasures in Brest

"The rescued art treasures" is the most unusual museum of Belarus. It is small, not the most famous, but there an amazing works of art are stored. The art works were "saved" by customs officers. The museum contains some amazing works of art, which were selected by the Brest customs from smugglers, who tried to smuggle them abroad. The exhibition consists of a jeweler's art, Russian icons, Faberge works, Japanese painting on silk, paintings of famous artists.

Location: Brest, Lenin str., 39.


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Minsk, Territory of Culture

Belarus boasts rich cultural and artistic heritage that dates back many centuries. Here you can enjoy numerous art exhibitions, musicals, theatrical performances and cinema festivals.

Lida. Visiting a Fairytale

The name Lida is derived from the name of the river Lidzeya. Its origin is associated with the Lithuanian appellative Lyda - Lydimas, meaning to fuse, to cast (denoting forest clearing). As Lida is quite a small town, there are only 2 hotels in it. It may be better to stay in a hotel in Grodno and visit the town and castle from there.

Augustow Canal

Augustow Canal is an outstanding hydraulic engineering installation of the 19th century, one of Europe’s largest canals, which has been included onto the preliminary UNESCO World Heritage List.