Servizi di viaggio

Unfamiliar places, new people, fresh impressions ... Do you need to go away for a long time for all of these?
City Bus
Travel company "City Bus" gives tourists the opportunity to visit the most interesting and memorable places of Belarus, to plunge into the wonderful world of wildlife of the country.
Customers of the tourist company "Dortur" can take advantage of the unique offer and go on an unforgettable journey on a comfortable train.
Dolina Turov
"Dolina turov" has become a reliable guide in the world of the memorable travel. It combines a lot of opportunities for tourists, quality support, a wide range of services and the best prices on the Belarusian market, the company organizes the perfect holiday, which will suit to every taste.
"Nikatur" specializes in bus and air tours, cruises and other forms of recreation.
Our sightseeing tours are on the two main routes. This is the best and fastest way to get acquainted with the capital of Belarus.