Nightclub RICH CAT features a nontrivial design with the statues of cats and music format. Preference is given to R'n'B, Mash up, and POP. Also RICH CAT offers concerts of international artists and performances by famous DJs.
Dozari club & Mojito bar
Especially for Dozari was developed a unique design: a mixture of elegant Art Deco and Baroque luxury that distinguishes the club from another clubs. A striking feature of the club is a dance floor in the form of a huge multimedia screen.
Black House Club
Black House Club opened in Minsk to become the first concept institution in the country and to demonstrate international standards of the entertainment industry.
TNT ROCK CLUB - is an opportunity to spend time with friends, enjoying good food and drinks in the atmosphere of the rock'n'roll and live music.
Apartment №3
Special home comfort, undeniable freshness format and really warm and relaxed atmosphere. "Apartment № 3" - is a modern restaurant offering classic comfort.
The club RE: PUBLIC passes the most significant concerts and parties.
Next club
Next - it is a nightclub, where you meet the next morning with pleasure.
"Titan" Night Club - it's a modern large room in the "high-tech" style with great multimedia features.
Madison royal club
Madison Royal Club knows what a new generation really needs. A real party.
In the Minsk city center there's a cozy corner room - boutique hotel "Buta". On the second floor of this wonderful hotel you'll find the "Universal" casino.
Victoria Cherry
Victoria Cherry is a completely new place with best traditions and new approach not only to the management of the casino, but also to the format of rest.
«MAXBET» - is a modern rooms, high-quality slot machines with a wide choice of games, as well as electronic roulette.
To quench the feeling of excitement beautifully, it is worth to pay a visit to the casino "Zeus". The interiors in the Greek style, 9 gaming tables, 50 machine guns and, of course, drinks, risk sentiment and the spirit of luxury - all as it should be in a casino.
Casino Royal offers each customer to experience true pleasure from the game and enjoy nice and friendly atmosphere. The undeniable advantage of Casino Royal is individual approach to each guest. Exceptional competence of all personnel not only allows rest with comfort, but will secure absolute safety and confidentiality. Casino Royal guarantees timely gain receipt, transparent rules and fascinating game.
Shangri La
Shangri La Casino Minsk is part of a casino chain managed by Storm International. Shangri La is renowned for experienced professional management, a superior level of service, comfort, security and confidentiality.
Diamond Princess
The flagship casino in Belarus - the “Diamond Princess” casino is situated in the central part of Minsk inside Crown Plaza Hotel.
Casino XO is a luxury VIP club in the center of Minsk. Only here You will pass the time in an unforgettable atmosphere of luxury and thrill with the highest level of service. We offer 4 fashionable halls with their own special atmosphere.
Casino "Opera" was created in the best traditions of elite gambling. "Opera" - is the highest bid, the possibility of VIP-games and an unprecedented big winnings.
Fashion mall
Gallery of the shops "Fashion Mall" - is a place, where everyone can find exactly the thing that will be the favorite in his wardrobe.
Going shopping it's not a boring duty - now it's the part of entertainment. Buy everything you need to arrange a shopping therapy, have fun, relax with your family - it's all available in the EXPOBEL.
The shopping center "Zamok" - it's a whole new level of shopping, created by taking into account European standards.
Shopping center "Skala" - is a trendy, modern shopping center with a unique set of brand shops, providing a comfortable environment for shopping and high quality shopping.
Shopping and entertainment center "Titan" - the place where it is possible and necessary to go with the whole family. For adults here - quality shopping, for children - a family entertainment center and a museum of entertaining science "Quantum".
ARENAcity - is a new, spacious, aesthetic, multifunctional shopping and entertainment center, an ideal place for shopping and the whole family.
The shopping center «ALL» is really thought out: the client will feel comfort.
Shopping center "Stolitsa" - is a kind of "Okhotny Ryad" in Minsk. However, in contrast to the underground shopping center in Moscow, "Stolitsa" is smaller, but it's the most famous belarusian mall.
Shopping and entertainment center Galileo - is a new word in the world of the trading business. This is not just a store, it is a place of rest and entertainment for the whole family.
The beautiful architecture of the building attracts attention. This shopping center hasn't crowds of the shopping-lovers, but at the same time shopping area there are not empty.
Galleria Minsk
Galleria Minsk is one of the largest multifunctional shopping and entertainment centers in Belarus.
The Singing center
Karaoke Bar - good place to gather a small company and make a real Karaoke Battle. For emotional discharge, delicious food, drinks and the opportunity to sing heartily welcome to the "Singing Center."
Clouds (Oblaka)
A cozy karaoke club in the city center.
The Black Door
Lounge - this is expensive, exquisite cocktail with the marvelous tastes. Fruity notes of jazz, easy white Martini, spicy warmth of bossa nova, intricate electronic shades ... Full range of lounge-sentiment is represented in a single in Minsk lounge-cafe "The Black Door".
Stars light up not only in the sky. Karaoke Club Euphoria will make a star each of its guests.
Resting in «MONACO», you can meet a Russian or Belarusian celebrity. Our establishment know and love the movie actors, theater, athletes and show business stars.
Probably each of us at least once dreamed to feel like a "star" or be on the site of a popular artist. Well, with the theater karaoke BOGEMA your wish can easily come true!
A truly friendly atmosphere will help to fulfill the old dream of everyone: to surrender to the stage and feel like a star. All this is terribly attractive and quite easy, you just go to a karaoke club Corset.
Status Hall - a new legend in the karaoke industry of Minsk.
Bowling House
"Bowling House" has a great offer! Come to us in your free time and play bowling for fun! At your disposal there are 10 bowling lanes by Brunswick's and diverse menu of the café and bar.
Madison - it is an entertainment center for the entire family, including a bowling alley, billiards, cocktail bar, children's sector (multi-level maze, slot machines, birthday room, a children's menu).
Bowling is a great opportunity to have fun with friends and family. Spacious bowling alley, 10 tracks with special lifting bumpers for children.
If you are looking for the perfect place for guests, where the atmosphere is very positive and unforgettable emotions, we recommend you to visit the bowling club EXPOBEL.
In the club "Legend" you can visit a bowling alley, a restaurant, a bar, a brewery or a children's entertainment center.
Bowling with VIP-hall for 50 seats, karaoke-hall with 30 seats and a breakfast room with 16 seats.
The bowling club has also slot machines, here you can watch sporting events and to enjoy show programs.
Bowling in the hotel Yubileinaya is a high-quality and modern equipment, good track, nice atmosphere, excellent service.
"Luch" - a cozy restaurant with a contact bar, nice tables, VIP-rooms and low prices.
The coffee tree
What is the ideal Friday evening? For some, it is going out with friends for coffee and other beverages. For others - the pool and a good dinner.
Billiard club "Pyramid" is open every day for the lovers of the game: both for professionals and for beginners.
Madison - a bar, billiards and bowling. All the best for a pleasant stay.
There is a cozy club room, decorated in traditional style with 10 tables: 7 - for Russian billiards, 3 - for a game of pool.
Zelyonaya polyana
Billiard club "Zelyonaya polyana" - is a modern entertainment center for people who know a lot about the rest! The club has everything you need for a pleasant pastime.
The location of the center "Titan" is very convenient as a little remote from the center, which helps you to take a break from the constant influx of people. "Titan" - is a huge entertainment center, which includes not only the billiards and bowling, but also cafes, restaurants, a children's room.
This club is the largest billiard club in Minsk. The interior of the two floors of "Europe" is punctuated directly on the musical theme: paintings of the legendary singers of the world, elements of design in the form of a guitar.
"Start" is located near the metro station "Moskovskaya". Quality of service, equipment for games and recreation is worthy to get out of the center of Minsk.
Project of the fields was made by Paul Thomas from the UK. The fields are unique, and the area of one of them - 11 hectares.