Phones: +375 33 333-38-88
Address: V. Khoruzhei, 29
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The RICH CAT Club was designed in such a way that there is cozy and comfortable during big concerts and events in the chamber. In the interior there is a popular eclecticism. A central place in the decor takes a symbol of the club - a cat. Graceful figures made in white color, were specifically designed and manufactured exclusively for the RICH CAT.

The club is full of events of different formats. Guests can enjoy the show-balle, go-go dancers, DJs, cover bands and other artists, thematic and private parties.

RICH CAT Club opens the doors at 23:00 and closes at 6:00 am. The entry is free foe girls (exception - the concert events). There is a deposit system of the order of tables and three types of discount cards: men's, women's, and vip. The club has a dress code (European casual and elegant style) and face control.

The RICH CAT Club menu offers European, Japanese and authors cuisine. All the classic positions are interpretated by the chef. The choice of the alcohol is rich and varied: a large selection of wines, whiskey, rum, champagne, cognac and classic cocktails.