Phones: +375 17 336-36-13,
+375 29 625-15-95
Address: Dzerzhinskogo ave., 104
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"Titan" - a center for family recreation and shopping. Third floor - completely "child": There are all the major network operators of children's products and is a great family entertainment center.

The first and second floors there are: supermarket "Euroopt", "5 Element" shops "Kravt" and Organic Beauty, Jewelry "7 Carat" and "Monomakh", shops of flowers, decor, gift, shopping for men, sports shops.

The "Titan" even the most sophisticated lovers of entertainment will find something for everyone. The center has a café "Melissa", a food point of Fruit Waffles waffles with Hong Kong, and drink coffee Coffee Point "Sound Coffee" and Enjoy.