Karaoke Clubs

The Singing center
Karaoke Bar - is a good place to gather a small company and make a real Karaoke Battle. For emotional discharge, delicious food, drinks and the opportunity to sing you can go to the "Singing Center".
Demanding public, luxurious interior, excellent art program and unique atmosphere of glamor and sophistication.
Clouds (Oblaka)
A cozy karaoke club in the city center.
The Black Door
Lounge - this is expensive, exquisite cocktail with the marvelous tastes. Fruity notes of jazz, easy white Martini, spicy warmth of bossa nova, intricate electronic shades ... Full range of lounge-sentiment is represented in a single in Minsk lounge-cafe "The Black Door".
Stars light up not only in the sky. Karaoke Club Euphoria will make a star each of its guests.
Resting in «MONACO», you can meet a Russian or Belarusian celebrity. Our establishment know and love the movie actors, theater, athletes and show business stars.
Probably each of us at least once dreamed to feel like a "star" or be on the site of a popular artist. Well, with the theater karaoke BOGEMA your wish can easily come true!
A truly friendly atmosphere will help to fulfill the old dream of everyone: to surrender to the stage and feel like a star. All this is terribly attractive and quite easy, you just go to a karaoke club Corset.
Status Hall - a new legend in the karaoke industry of Minsk.