Cafe Brutto - it's stylish and comfortable resting place, where time floats quietly in a luxurious intimate setting. Format - democratic, interior - cozy and moderately romantic, the focus of the menu - European cuisine and grilling on the Sous Vide technology.
"DEPO" - it's the first Minsk creperie with a distinctive concise design and wide choice of fillings.
"Balcon" - is city cafe with Asian cuisine and panoramic views of the forecourt. The café is equipped with an outdoor summer terrace. "Balcon" will be perfect for those, who love Asian cuisine with the artist's vision.
"Lauka" - it's the cafee of the founders of the "Depo" cafe. It offers the largest assortment of sandwiches in Minsk (over 15 species), you can also make your own sandwich, selecting your favorite ingredients to it. The main advantages of "Lauka" are in the working hours and reasonable prices.
"Lozhki" - it's a cozy café in the city center of Minsk. Its story continues for almost 10 years, during which the atmosphere, delicious food and excellent service are unchanged.
Café "Beze" - it's the confectionery with the updated summer terrace, a gourmet dessert card and the ability to manufacture cakes to order, waits for everyone, who wants to spend time in a spiritual and vibrant atmosphere, enjoy the delicious dishes of the talented chef and dive into the special atmosphere.
Mon Cafe
Atmosphere of the Mon Cafe is romantic, sensual, full of beautiful events. Here you will find the comfort for a relaxing holiday, a romantic mood for the unforgettable moments with your loved or brilliant ideas for holiday fun.
The pleasant interior of the cafe reminds a comfortable apartment with the flowers and books. Sofas, interesting porcelain figurines, quiet background music and aquarium complete the atmosphere.
Café-lounge "Chekhov"
Here you'll get not just tasty meal, but also a relaxation. In the "Chekhov" you can play pool, play on the rarity piano, play solitair, backgammon, checkers or chess.
Loft Cafe - it's the place that combines a bistro with a quick lunch and an excellent restaurant with author's cuisine, a nightclub with dancing till the morning and DJ-bar, where visitors are offered not only a wide selection of drinks, and music for every taste.