Fashion mall
Gallery of the shops "Fashion Mall" - is a place, where everyone can find exactly the thing that will be the favorite in his wardrobe.
Going shopping it's not a boring duty - now it's the part of entertainment. Buy everything you need to arrange a shopping therapy, have fun, relax with your family - it's all available in the EXPOBEL.
The shopping center "Zamok" - it's a whole new level of shopping, created by taking into account European standards.
Shopping center "Skala" - is a trendy, modern shopping center with a unique set of brand shops, providing a comfortable environment for shopping and high quality shopping.
Shopping and entertainment center "Titan" - the place where it is possible and necessary to go with the whole family. For adults here - quality shopping, for children - a family entertainment center and a museum of entertaining science "Quantum".
ARENAcity - is a new, spacious, aesthetic, multifunctional shopping and entertainment center, an ideal place for shopping and the whole family.
The shopping center «ALL» is really thought out: the client will feel comfort.
Shopping center "Stolitsa" - is a kind of "Okhotny Ryad" in Minsk. However, in contrast to the underground shopping center in Moscow, "Stolitsa" is smaller, but it's the most famous belarusian mall.
Shopping and entertainment center Galileo - is a new word in the world of the trading business. This is not just a store, it is a place of rest and entertainment for the whole family.
The beautiful architecture of the building attracts attention. This shopping center hasn't crowds of the shopping-lovers, but at the same time shopping area there are not empty.
Galleria Minsk
Galleria Minsk is one of the largest multifunctional shopping and entertainment centers in Belarus.