The First Private Museum of Miniatures Opened in Minsk

Address: Minsk, Nezavisimosti prospect, 26
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"Strana-mini" ("Mini-country") -  the first museum of miniatures in Belarus, which opened on 24 December in the building of the Palace of Trade Unions in Minsk. Here you can see Lida, Niasvizh and Kossovo castles, Kalozha Church, National Library ... in miniature.

The layouts of the sights are made of compressed wood chips and they're made in Belarus, though foreign experts were interested in the project. The museum was created at own expense of the director Eugene Danilik, and he would have wanted his miniatures became popular not only among the people of Belarus, but also interesting for tourists:

- I see the museum as a starting point for the foreigners traveling around the country and explore with Belarus.

Фото: Александр Каленик, TUT.BY

Фото: Александр Каленик, TUT.BY

Фото: Александр Каленик, TUT.BY

Фото: Александр Каленик, TUT.BY

Фото: Александр Каленик, TUT.BY

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