The Singing center

Phones: +375 44 713-12-06,
+375 25 620-31-48
Address: Oktyabtrskaya sq., 1/1, room 402
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"Singing Center" - a small karaoke bar where you do not have much time to wait for their turn to the microphone. Plus - free entry, which can not but rejoice.

The bar is decorated in a strictly business, but in style: leather sofas, lots of mirrors, rich shades of gold and brown and a lot of lights. The hall is divided into small cubicles - each for a group of 5-6 people. Add to this the 5 big screens, sound quality and equipped stage.

serves European and Belarusian cuisine in a karaoke bar. In addition, the institution operates a pilot bar: each guest has the opportunity to come up with a special cocktail.