Outdoor Adventures. Made in Belarus

Have you ever enjoyed fishing on a calm summer evening? Or have you ever tried hunting in winter? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming of hiking and exploring untouched trailways? You’re welcome to Belarus to have a taste of these adventures!

Belarus is proud of its nature. A land of abundant forests, crystal-clear lakes and unending fields, it boggles your imagination and challenges you to experience its beauty. So different with odour of maple honey that fills the air, gentle winds and blooming gardens in spring; verdant areas, warm water in lakes and rivers in summer; versicoloured tree crowns and twitching coolness in autumn; and sparkling snow in winter Belarus seduces you to hike it all over.

Another entertainment obligatory to experiment is hunting. Where else could it be possible to enjoy hunting of such a diversity of species: wild boar, wolf, elk, fox. Here also comes fishing. More than 10 thousand lakes and two times as many rivers abound with perch, ruff, grig, roach, catfish. And that’s not the full list. So if you’re an avid fisherman or hunter, in Belarus you have the best opportunity to fulfill your appetite to the full extent.

Winter sports definitely stay apart. Although there are no mountains in the country, and the highest peak is only 346 m above sea level, downhill skiing and snowboarding are very popular. Due to a wide range of skiing and snowboarding resorts, modern infrastructure facilities, good climate and weather conditions, winter sports in Belarus will be the right choice and the best value for money. Skating is highly competitive in terms of popularity with the above listed sports. Up-to-date rinks in sport centers offer their service all year round. During late autumn and winter you can also delight skating at outdoor skating rinks in the city center just for a change on a shopping day.

Belarus is a country with reach and exciting history and traditions. And that’s a great piece of luck to touch this curiosity taking part in Belarusian outdoor holidays, such as Kupalle, for example. Kupalle is an ancient pagan holiday, celebrated on a day of summer solstice. It is believed that fern is blooming on this holiday night, and everyone tries to find a flower, which will make him happy. Apart from taking this challenge to become happy you can experience the joy of singing and dancing in a ring ritual – “chorovod” – or throw a wreath of flowers to the river and learn how soon you’ll be lucky to get married. But that’s for young girls only ; - )

Enjoy the fullness of life during your visit to Belarus!

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