Berestye Archaeological Museum

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Berestye Archeological Museum is unique in Europe, because its visitors can view an archaeological site displaying an authentic East Slavic wooden town dating back to the 13th century. The museum was opened on March 2, 1982. The museum displays preserved 28 log cabins, as well over 1400 artifacts dating back to 10th and 14th centuries. Europe’s only museum of a Medieval Eastern European town is located on the territory of the Brest Fortress where the ancient town of Berestye had been founded many centuries before the fortress was erected.

In 1968 scientists discovered here an artisans’ neighborhood four meters underground. This neighborhood consisted of dozens of wooden buildings dating back to the 11th-13th centuries, pavements and wooden fences, remnants of clay furnaces. A pavilion was set up at the place where the ancient settlement was discovered. Today this unique museum features archaeological finds of the 11th-14th centuries that give a glimpse of the ancient Slavonic town, its arts and trades, and the everyday life of local residents. The museum’s holdings have some truly unique artifacts: an oak plower, a boxwood comb with carved Cyrillic letters on it…

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Uladzimir Karatkevich Museum in Orsha

A talented writer, playwright and scenarist, publicist and translator, a representative of the old noble family and a passionate history lover, Uladzimir Karatkevich is unique in the Belarusian literature. His books are among the most beloved and widely read by many generations.

Casa-museo Vankovich

Pressoché al centro della Minsk odierna si è conservata una modesta villa nobiliare. Secondo gli esperti, si tratta di una perla architettonica dell’inizio del XIX secolo: come confermano le numerose ricerche, l’edificio è stato costruito in stretta osservanza dei canoni del classicismo secondo le proporzioni della “sezione aurea”.

Il Museo Statale letterario «Yanka Kupala»

Yanka Kupala (1882-1942) è un classico della letteratura bielorussa: è stato un poeta, drammaturgo, traduttore nonché autore di oltre 2000 opere tradotte in molte lingue straniere.