Minsk International Film Festival “Listapad”

Address: Minsk
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Date: 11/04/2017 - 11/11/2017

Competition programme of MIFF "Listapad" includes 4 sections:

  • Feature films (Main Competition and Competition of debut films "Youth on the March");
  • Documentaries (Main Competition and National Film Schools Competition);
  • Children and Youth Film Competition "Listapadzik";
  • National Competition (includes feature films, documentaries and animation).

MIFF "Listapad" brings the world's best films to Minsk. MIFF "Listapad" presents the best films from all over the world. Main Competitions of the Festival focus on new films created in former socialistic countries, including CIS countries, Central and South-East Asia, Baltics, Eastern and Central Europe. The best works from the region recognized by the most prestigious festivals in Europe are competing for the main award of the Festival. "Youth on the March" Competition presents a collection of debut works from directors all over the world, acknowledged by cinema professionals and audience.

7 International juries work at the Festival. The highest award of the Festival is "Golden Listapad" (For the Best Film), followed by "Silver Listapad" award (Film as an Art Phenomenon, given by International Press Jury). The third award of the Festival is "Bronze Listapad" (audience award for the Best Feature film). More than 200 screenings take place at 6 venues. The majority of the screenings are followed by Q & A sessions with the authors of the films. Various workshops, retrospectives and exhibitions complement the programme. 40,000 people attend the Festival. More than 100 guests representing cultural and business elite arrive to present their works, become a jury member or give a workshop.

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