PROJECT: Proud of The Nation. What Belarusians Are Proud of?

Belarus is one of the least known countries in the world. You might have heard about Belarus in the political news, referring to it as "the last dictatorship of Europe". You might know some of the sportsmen names and teams, especially those who have won gold medals in the Olympics. But that might be it. And due to the lack of information, you might be missing a great travel experince to the country with rich historic and cultural heritage.

Slavs settled over Belarusian territories in the early AD centuries, replacing the earlier Baltic culture. Since then, Belarus has been part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Rus and Samogotia in 13th-16th centuries. Then, part of Rzecz Pospolita, but as a result of its division Belarus land became part of the Russian Empire, and then the Soviet Union. The dissolution of the Soviet Union took place in 1991, and the Republic of Belarus got its independency and its current name.

Since then, the country has changed a lot. And though Belarus still reflects its Soviet past in many different ways (architecture, monuments, and even characters), it is now a modern European country. Well developed infrastructure, good transportation options, world famous hotel brands, globally recognized IT companies, and well educated population - these can describe Belarus in its current state. On the other hand, Belarus has a unique charm of authentic villages, untouched nature, calmness and peacefulness, which are hard to find in our fast-paced lives these days.

Belarus has a lot to be proud of. People, nature, culture, sport, businesses.. We introduce a series of articles, which will highlight the great number of things and people, which Belarusians can be proud of, and which foreign tourists might be interested to learn.

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