Tag "Parks"

Central Botanical Garden

An exceptionally lively mix of floras with a high percentage of natives makes Botanical Garden an interesting holiday destination. Here you can spend a great time with children attending an environmental lesson, refine your knowledge of world flora visiting displays and exhibitions of the garden or just relax behind green curtains of trees and reward your spirit and senses.

Gorky Park

The most popular park in Minsk with the attractions and secluded corners.

Loshitsa Park

The old Loshitsa Estate in Minsk built in the 16th century belonged to such families as the Drutskys-Gorskys, the Tolochinskys, the Pruszynskis, and the Lyubanskys.

Chelyuskintsev Park

The green island in the capital. There are rides and children's railway, as well as a quiet places for a relaxing holiday.

Il parco Nazionale "Laghi di Braslav"

Una centinaia di laghi, i paesaggi primordiali e insoliti rilievi di era glaciale hanno fatto la zona di Braslav come uno degli angoli più belli della Bielorussia.

Il giardino Alexandrovsky

Nel giardino trova luogo la più antica fontana di Minsk, installata nel 1874, in occasione dell’inaugurazione dell’acquedotto.