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Church of Saints Simon and Helena (Red Church)

Church of St. Simeon and St. Helen or Red Church - an architectural monument of Gothic with elements of Art Nouveau. Built in 1905-10 years on Independence Square in the modern means of a landowner Edward Voinilovich in memory of his dead children too early. Architects were B. Marconi, G. Poyazdersky .

Saint Sophia Cathedral in Polotsk

St. Sophia Cathedral in the ancient town of Polotsk does not look like other Eastern Orthodox churches of the same name. It is one of the oldest temples constructed by Eastern Slavonic peoples and the first church built from stone on the territory of Belarus.

Holy Martyr Grand Princess Elizabeth Convent

Named after the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Feodorovna of Russia (1864-1918), a granddaughter of Queen Victoria who was arrested and thrown down a mineshaft by the Bolsheviks soon after the October Revolution.

Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk

One of the most visible churches in Minsk, with its central location overlooking the Svisloch river in the historic Upper Town, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit is the most important Russian Orthodox church in the city. Its origins date back to the 17th century when the building served as a Catholic Bernardine monastery.

Aleksander Nevsky Church

The only church in Minsk, which almost completely preserved its original appearance.

Church of All Saints

Such temples are built once in a thousand years. Therefore, the construction of templates based on stereotypes was inadmissible for the creators of the complex.

La chiesa luterana a Grodno

La chiesa luterana di Grodno, costruita presumibilmente nel 1783, tuttora adempie alle sue funzioni. Una chiesa luterana in Belarus è una rarità, tuttavia, dal punto di vista architettonico, l’edificio ha pressoché gli stessi caratteri di un tempio cattolico.

La chiesa di San Nicola (Logojsk)

Le maggiori attrazioni di Logojsk sono i resti di una fortezza cittadine dei secoli XI-XIII e due insediamenti del periodo più antico così come gli avvallamenti del terreno e i fossi, il parco e la chiesa di San Nicola costruita nel 1866.

Ashmyany. A Piece of Lithuania in Belarus

Ashmyany is a town in Grodno Region. The town and region surrounding modern Ashmyany was once within the ethnic Lithuanian territory.