Holy Spirit Cathedral in Minsk

Indirizzo: Minsk, Kirilla i Mefodia street, 3
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Holy Spirit Cathedral was built in Baroque style between 1633-1642 as the main temple of Catholic Bernadine convent. During the 1700-1800s it was reconstructed to the present architectural shape. In 1852 the convent was closed, and its nuns were sent to Nesvizh town. In I860 the former monastic church was turned into the orthodox church. After ten years an orthodox monastery was opened here.

In 1918, after the closing of the monastery, the building was used for various purposes: as a sports hall, a transit prison for the dispossessed peasants. The services were renewed during World War II, in 1943. The most valuable relic is the wonder-working icon of Mother of God found in 1500. The other relic of the temple is imperishable relics of St. Sofia of Slutsk, a grand daughter of Anastasia of Sluck.


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Aleksander Nevsky Church

The only church in Minsk, which almost completely preserved its original appearance.

Catholic Church of St. Andrew

There are suggestions that the church was consecrated in the name of St. Andrew Bobola, but representatives of the Roman Catholic Church of Belarus believe that the church bears the name of the apostle Andrew.

La chiesa di San Nicola (Logojsk)

Le maggiori attrazioni di Logojsk sono i resti di una fortezza cittadine dei secoli XI-XIII e due insediamenti del periodo più antico così come gli avvallamenti del terreno e i fossi, il parco e la chiesa di San Nicola costruita nel 1866.