Maxim Bogdanovich’s Literary Museum

Address: Minsk, Bahdanovicha str., 7a
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In 2016 Belarus celebrated the 125th anniversary of the birth of Maxim Bogdanovich, eminent Belarusian poet, journalist and literary critic. He is one of the brightest stars in the sky of Belarusian poetry. In the short years of his life, he created a rich legacy cherished by generations of Belarusians. Maxim Bogdanovich is one of the pioneers of the Belarusian literature. His works have been translated into about two dozen languages, including English, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and French, and published in the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, France, Yugoslavia and other countries.

The future poet began writing in Belarusian at the age of 10. He learned the language by reading Belarusian books from his father's library. Maxim Bogdanovich went professional when he almost turned 16. The book Vyanok (A Wreath) was published in 1913. In 1914, the poet became member of the Russian society of periodical press and literature. But the illness started to affect the art of the poet.

The poems of Maxim Bogdanovich became a spiritual treasure of the Belarusian people. Many of his verses were set to music by Belarusian composers. Some of them, for instance Zorka Venera (Venus the Star) and Slutskiya Tkachyhi (Slutsk Weavers), are known to almost everyone in Belarus and to many abroad.

Maxim Bogdanovich’s Literary Museum is one of the most beautiful museums of the Belarusian capital, housed in a two-storey brick building, a monument of the city architecture of the 19th century in the Troitskoye suburb, on the bank of the River Svisloch. Inside the museum, you can plunge in the unique poetic atmosphere of the house and learn some interesting facts about the life of some of the famous Belarusian writers.

The group of artists and museum staff worked on the creation of the museum which was opened to the public December 8, 1991 for the 100th anniversary of Maxim Bogdanovich. The biggest collection is his books, including four copies of a single lifetime collection of poems M.Bogdanovich “Vyanok” with his autograph, a book of Belarusian poets and writers of the late XIX – early XX century, the works Maxim’s creativity followers, translation, consecration.

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