Driving in Belarus

Driving Your Own Car in Belarus

Documents. A foreign visitor can drive to Belarus if he has an International Driving Permit, original documents confirming his ownership of the car and insurance papers. The minimum driving age is 18.

Toll Roads. Drivers of foreign vehicles must pay a fee to use toll roads. There are fines for non-compliance. In 2013 an electronic toll collection system was introduced. Information about the system of toll roads can be found  here http://www.beltoll.by/en.aspx.

Speed Limit. You should observe the speed limit at all times. The standard speed limit is 60 km/h (37 mph) in built-up areas; 90 km/h (55 mph) outside built-up areas; and 100 km/h (62 mph) on motorways.

Alcohol and Driving. There is a zero-tolerance policy towards drink-driving.

Traffic Police. Checkpoints are common on roads throughout the country. Police is permitted to stop any car to check documents.

Driving in Winter. Driving in winter may be dangerous because of weather conditions: ice and snow. Winter tires are not compulsory, but are highly recommended.

Other Rules. Traffic drives on the right in Belarus. Most traffic signs are in Cyrillic script only.

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Car Rentals in Belarus

Hiring a car in Belarus is a rapidly developing service. There are multiple car rentals available in Minsk and other large towns. You can also hire a driver if you need one.

Although car crime rates are low in Belarus, check your insurance details carefully. Make sure you know what compensations would be provided in case of carjacking.

Картинки по запросу машина в аренду

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Travel Safety

Belarus is a very safe place for travellers. Belarusian people are considered tolerant as far as racial, ethnic and religious differences are concerned, and there's a very low crime rate in the country.

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Toll Roads In Belarus

We will tell you which roads are toll, how much to pay and how to do it in the right way.