Palace of the Puslovskys in Kossovo

The Kossovo town (today’s Ivatsevichi District, Brest Oblast) was first mentioned in 1494 when Grand Duke of Lithuania Alexander Jagiellon presented these lands to Yan Khreptovich, a high-ranking state official of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. For several centuries Kossovo was owned by several distinguished dynasties: the Khreptovichs, Sanguszkos, Flemmings, Czartoryskis and Sapiehas. Wojciech Puslovsky bought the estate in 1821. He founded a carpet-making factory in Kossovo and built and restored about 60 churches in the neighborhood. The Puslovskys took pride in their estate being neighbors with the manor in the Merechevschina village, which was the birthplace of national hero of Poland and the USA and honorary citizen of France Tadeusz Kosciuszko.


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Museum-Estate of Ilya Repin "Zdravnevo"

The Zdravnevo estate is located near the village of Koitovo, on the left bank of the Western Dvina. In 1892 it was acquired by the famous Russian painter Ilya Repin.

Niemcewicz Estate In Skoki Village

The magnificent Baroque-style estate was built in the 1770s to the order of Marceli Niemcewicz, a representative of the old family. The estate was inherited by his son Julian Niemcewicz, a writer, historian, and public figure, who served as an aide-de-camp to Tadeusz Kosciuszko and participated in the drafting of the first European constitution.

Priluki Castle

The legend has it that the mysterious castle in the village of Priluki was built in place of an Orthodox monastery that was ruined in 1740 for an unknown reason.